Family Theater Chapel Renovation

Chapel Collage2Chapel Collage1In late June, after several months of construction and even more months of planning, we finally opened our refurbished chapel at Family Theater Productions. Through the efforts of contractor Mike Harvey and several other craftsmen, we transformed what was essentially a converted office to a proper chapel with faux-stone walls, pews with kneelers, stained-glass windows and a prominent home for our Madonna and Child statue, by famed Spanish sculptor Ramon Lapayese.

The windows – which are transparent images in frames, illuminated from behind with LED lights – are taken from three of the four windows in the Holy Cross Chapel in Stinson-Remick Hall at the University of Notre Dame. They depict Holy Cross founder Blessed Basil Moreau, Holy Cross’ Saint Andre Bessette and Saint Joseph.

The entire effort has been chronicled – with some fanciful elements -- in our original Facebook video series, “This Old Chapel,” hosted and produced by Social Media Manager Kate O’Hare and starring Harvey. More episodes are in post-production, and the entire thing can be found at

The videos also include an extended episode featuring explanation of the iconography of the windows by Family Theater’s Head of Production, Father David Guffey, C.S.C.

Current weekly events in our chapel include staff rosary on Tuesday and Thursday; Mass on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (all of these are at noon Pacific); and a Holy Hour for Hollywood at 3 p.m. Pacific Friday, featuring Adoration, Benediction and a rosary. Catholics in the are welcome to attend these, if they call ahead to (323) 874-6633.