The Windbag
Hosted by Bing Crosby , starring Harold Peary


Meaningful Stories from Years Past that Continue to Inspire Families Today.
Join us on a retro visit with the stars of the past for an uplifting, humorous and meaningful look into family life.

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The Windbag

Volume 1
HOST: Shirley Temple
STARRING: Pat O'Brien, Bobby Driscoll
HOST: Gregory Peck
STARRING: Robert Mitchum, Susan Peters
Volume 2
HOST: Barry Fitzgerald
STARRING: Ozzie & Harriet Nelson
HOST: Irene Dunne
STARRING: Raymond Burr
Volume 3
HOST: Kate Smith
STARRING: Lon McCallister
HOST: Ruth Hussey
STARRING: Preston Foster & Darryl Hickman
Volume 4
HOST: Henry Fonda
STARRING: Pedro de Cordoba & Ramon Navarro
HOST: Bing Crosby
STARRING: Harold Peary
Volume 5
HOST: Fred Allen
STARRING: Margaret O'Brien / Pat O'Brien
HOST: Gene Kelly
STARRING: Virginia Bruce & John Beal
Volume 6
HOST: William Lundigan
STARRING: Ray Collins
HOST: William Lundigan
STARRING: Ray Collins

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